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Top 3 finalists for Huawei Malaysia Spark Competition

Emerging as the 3rd Place winner in the HUAWEI Spark Competition, MHub’s CEO, Quek Wee Siong, took the stage to express the company’s thanks for this honourable position.

大马华为Spark科技竞赛 MHub排名第三

Innov8tif Solutions私人有限公司凭借其OkayDoc平台,成功在“大马华为Spark科技竞赛”中夺得冠军,赢得长达6个月的加速器计划,当中包括价值12万5000美元(约51万7187令吉)的云积分财务支援,推进项目发展。 OkayDoc是一套视觉计算法,可自动进行身分证验证,通过可视区域检查、安全功能检测和内容篡改检查来防止“电子化认识你的客户”(e-KYC)方案中的欺诈行为。 另外排名第二和第三的分别是DoctorOnCall—为用户提供医疗保健服务,如线上医生、药剂师及健康检查等,拥有AI人工智能及5G物联网,旨在帮助改善东南亚人民的医疗保健;MHUB—端到端房地产销售交易平台,通过连接开发商、代理商、银行、律师和买家来加快和简化房地产销售周期。 大马华为云端与人工智能副总裁林志雄说,作为全球技术领导者,华为有责任为本地企业提供支持,帮助他们增加对国家数码经济的贡献。 “华为将帮助发展数码生态系统,通过此竞赛,我们为公司提供发展空间,并为他们提供所需的工具和其他资源以加强竞争能力。一个健康、蓬勃发展的数码业务生态系统将推动创新,为国家的数码经济带来巨大价值。” “大马华为Spark科技竞赛”是由大马华为主办,合作伙伴包括大马数字经济发展局(MDEC)、一个马电讯(TM One)及大马启迪之星(TusStar),该竞赛成功吸引超过140份参赛作品。 其他出席嘉宾包括TM One数据中心、云端和互联网总经理莫哈末惹加布、大马TusStar项目经理林子豪、MDEC科技与生态系统全球化副主席戈皮、得奖者Innov8tif Solutions私人有限公司总营运长罗钿顺、DoctorOnCall董事马兰及MHUB总执行长郭威雄。

Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre's E-Nation

MHub proudly participated in the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre’s (MaGIC) E-Nation event. The week-long event began on the 31st of March and concluded on the 6th of April, with Mhub and various other industry leaders speaking out about their leadership journey as well as their company’s plans for a more technologically advanced system.

MHub - Leading Property Transaction Platform

As the principal “Hub” of all things property transaction-related, MHub is greatly honoured to help buyers find the homes that they deserve with ease. We are always searching for safer, smarter ways to improve our platform and advance the real-estate marketplace.

MHub Secures A Spot in HUAWEI Spark's Top 10

MHub was chosen as one of Huawei’s Spark Programme’s ten finalists. The company is deeply privileged by this honour and anticipates the immense value HUAWEI will bring to the proptech industry.

SP Setia - Full Booked In An Hour

𝗙𝗨𝗟𝗟𝗬 𝗕𝗢𝗢𝗞𝗘𝗗 𝗪𝗜𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗡 𝟭 𝗛𝗢𝗨𝗥! What was impossible in the past, is now possible! From project viewing to unit selection, everything was done remotely from the safety of home.