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Oct 25, 2017 2 min read

12 Hottest Fintech Startups In Malaysia

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MHub has been intro and featured in singapore’s fintech news website as one of the 12 hotest fintech startups in Malaysia!

“Often in conversation with industry players in Malaysia, the sentiment is that Malaysia is lacking in activity within the fintech space and the the fintech startups in Malaysia are still pretty nascent. The general impression from the market is that there’s a lack of innovative fintech startups in Malaysia.

The author belief is that, these statements are often a misconception, the reality is that there are some fintech startups in Malaysia with strong growth potential however, the challenge is that many of them often fly under the radar.

The article intends to highlight some fintech startups in Malaysia that they feel are noteworthy and MHub is included!”

MHub is real-estate fintech platform for property developers, agents and bankers to connect, communicate and collaborate towards faster, higher conversion. It enables a digital showroom, credit check and loan tracking.

MHub founders

Who’s Behind the Company

The company is founded by Quek Wee Siong, Jason Ding, Joshua Ong, and Jon Saw. Their experience include sales, marketing, design, web development, banking, real estate and full stack development.



Why Fintech News SG Selected Us
  • Strong numbers – Over 184 Million USD (800 Million MYR) bookings made on their platform

  • Established business relationship with 15 banks

  • Credit tightening for mortgage loans in Malaysia makes for an appealing case for Mhub services of providing qualified leads to banks

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