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The Sun Daily: Harder for B40 group to get housing loan with bad record: Expert

PETALING JAYA: It is difficult for those in the B40 group to get a housing loan due to their low income. However, having a good credit rating will help in securing financing for a house.


(吉隆坡14日讯)MHub产业交易平台总执行长郭威雄说,政府有必要探讨放松在100万至500万令吉之间的创投融资,以协助科技初创公司在站稳国内市场之后,可开拓东盟更大的市场。 他说,科技初创公司可以获得政府的融资贷款,但是数额在100万令吉以下,足够在国内发展,但是,却无法继续扩充到国际例如东盟市场。 他说,一些提供创投贷款的机构例如雇员公积金局及朝圣基金等,需要繁琐的文件申请工作,准备的工作相当多,申请的时间相当长。 “我们不想只是成为‘甘榜冠军’,我们想要拓展业务成为本区域的产业交易平台,因此,需要更多的资金去进行业务拓展。” 郭威雄在MHub与NewParadigm资本市场签署合作协议后,在记者会上说。出席者包括NewParadigm资本市场董事经理查兰杰星 。 MHub作为端到端房地产市场平台,与金融咨询公司NewParadim 资本市场签署一项合作协议,专门协助B40或低收入群体购买房屋。 Read full article here.

NEW STRAITS TIMES: MHub TRB Ventures targets over RM8bil in property deals this year

KUALA LUMPUR: TRB Ventures Sdn Bhd is targeting over 50 per cent increase in new property sales to 21,000 units worth over RM8 billion this year via its property marketplace platform, MHub.

MALAY MAIL: MHub and NewParadigm ink agreement to help low-income home buyers

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — A new collaborative agreement has been signed between end-to-end property marketplace platform MHub and corporate finance advisory firm NewParadigm Capital Markets, aimed at assisting B40 or lower-income groups in buying homes.

MALAYSIA RESERVE: MHub TRB Ventures aims 50% more bookings on MHub

The projection for this year will be driven by our expansion marketplace especially in Penang, says CEO By SHAZNI ONG / Pic By Facebook TRB Ventures Sdn Bhd is aiming to increase new bookings and transactions on its end-to-end property marketplace platform MHub by over 50% this year, with transaction value at more than RM8 billion.